Songs written or co-written by Blair

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Songs produced or co-produced by Blair

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"put it this way, 'Pilgrim' is the set opener, and 'This Is The Thing' is the encore....can't get a better endorsement of a songwriter than that....Blair has been an inspiration and a fantastic contributor to some of the finest songwriting moments in my career..." Fin Greenall (Fink)

Blair is an all round writer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist with his own studio in Hastings, Sussex.

SONGWRITING - Blair has written many hits both in the UK and around the world and his songs have been used in numerous Films, Ads and TV programmes.

Current writing credits include Sia's Top 5 single 'The Greatest' ft Kendrick Lamar, forthcoming single for Brian Deady 'Down On My Knees' on his debut album for Republic/Universal Records (also co-produced by Blair), debut single 'Hardcore' with Reignwolf for Republic/Universal USA (also produced), 2 songs on Earl's debut album for BMG Records UK (also produced).

Previous UK songwriting credits include Paloma Faith's debut single, "Stone Cold Sober" (also co-produced) and "Agony" on her double platinum 2nd album, "This is The Thing", "Honesty" and "Pilgrim" across 2 of Fink's albums, Will Young tracks including the Brit Award winning single, "Your Game" (UK No 3) (also co-produced) and "Ain't Such A Bad Place To Be" from his 3rd album, Lily Allen's single, "Shame For You" (also produced) from her multi platinum debut album, Olly Murs "Change is Gonna Come", "Blow It All Away" (also produced) on Sia's debut album and "Don't Bring Me Down" on her "Colour The Small One" album, 2 tracks on Stooshe's debut album - "See Me Like This" and their lead single "Love Me" (UK No 5).

Internationally, Blair has had too many cuts to count, but some of the key releases include Trace Adkins US hit single, "Rough & Ready" which received a BMI Award, Amel Bent's million selling Number 1 French hit single "Ma Philosophie" with over a million copies sold, Oceana's 'Endless Summer' smash hit (also produced) which was the official UEFA/Euro 2012 single, and 2 tracks on Johnny Hallyday's million selling album, 'L'Attente' which was France's fastest selling album in 2012.

PRODUCTION - just some of Blair's productions include Sia's 'Blow It All Away', Brian Deady's forthcoming single, 'Down On My Knees' (co-production with James Earp) for Republic/Universal, 3 songs for Earl's debut album on BMG Records, Will Young's single 'Your Game' (co-production with Steve Lipson), Lily Allen's single 'Shame For You', Paloma Faith's single, 'Stone Cold Sober' (co-production with Paddy Byrne), Tyler James singles 'Worry About You' and 'Why Do I Do', and 3 tracks for Josh Kumra (co-production with Fink) - he has also produced many international artists including ASA's album, 'Bed Of Stone' for Naïve Records in France.

AWARDS - Blair has celebrated a BMI award (Trace Adkins 'Rough & Ready') and a Brit Award for Best Single (Will Young 'Your Game') and Amel Bent's Victoire de la Musique award for 'Best New Artist'.

The combination of Blair's creative talent , musicianship and great humour make him a pleasure to work with. His reputation is constantly growing and his successes have made him one of the most sought after writer/producers in the UK

Still hooked on live performance himself, Blair can be found gigging with his own live bands and various other set ups of music loving players.

For further information, please contact Tina Matthews on - 07973 174876
or Venetia Mills on - 07714 987736